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Children Learn to build and run a business through game-play.

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Children Learn to build and run a business through game-play.

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The JuniorPreneur Board Game

Through JuniorPreneur (a board game), Children develop a business mindset. They become aware of the intricacies of starting and running a business.

They understand the need to face challenges.
They acquire negotiation skill. They improve their mathematics skills


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Get the fully illustrated e-book. There is the interactive touch & click version as well as a printable version


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Mathematics Toolkit

Using the Mathematics Toolkit, Children can practice the math they’ll need to run their own business. 

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Calling on Schools to get on board JuniorPreneur. Let us expose children (early enough) to the world of business in an engaging fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The JuniorPreneur Project is a board game conceived by P4PE Institute as a social entrepreneurship initiative under its SME Academy business unit. The objective of the game is to provide entrepreneurship education by creating fun and challenge. Players make money by succeeding at business, by selling ownership in their Company, and through other game activities. The RICHEST person upon exiting or selling his/her business wins the game.

The JuniorPreneur comprise of three levels of play, first is the school tournament, followed by the state championship and finally the national championship. The school tournament can however, be divided into groups and classes (dependent on the pattern your school choose to use)

Yes, every JP player must be registered so as to get their names into the JP database. Once registered either from your school or the elective program, then you are free to play.

1 Large JuniorPreneur Board

2 dice

Funding pitch cards

Ouch Cards

10 different JuniorPrenuer Currencies

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